Don't miss out on our value Main package and cool Add-on services for IDO360 video booth.

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Don't miss out on our value Main package and cool Add-on services for IDO360 video booth.


 Don't miss out on our value “Main package” and cool “Add-on services” for IDO360 video booth.

IDO360 is the leader of 360 video booth and photo booth in Thailand. We have been trusted by leading event organizers and corporate brands to take care of their important attendees, both Thai and international clients, for more than 1,000 events. We provide a great value service fee of 360 video booth and photo booth that come with innovative equipment including professional staff who are able to communicate in both Thai and English, under the concept of "Leader of 360 video booth and photo booth with professional services at reasonable prices"


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360 video booth package

The 360 ​​video booth service fee includes a great value "Main Package" that allows you to start 360 video booth right away. However, IDO360 also has a variety of "Add-on services" that you can select to upgrade your booth for more stunning. Let's go see all the details;

“Main package” of 360 ​​VIDEO BOOTH
· First 3 hours 12,900 baht (shot with our iPhone Promax)
· First 3 hours 13,900 baht (shot with our iPad Pro)
Every next hour is 2,000 baht/hour.


There are 7 services included in the package as follows :

1. Latest model of 360 machine with built-in battery and ring light.
The latest and durable model can support more than 400 - 500 kilograms of weight with a stand that can support 4 people. Without wiring, it is very flexible for installation and is easy to move. The machine also comes with built-in powerful ring light, ensuring good brightness on videos. 

2. Two professional and bilingual staff.
Setting up a 360 degree booth for success, professional and service-minded staff are one of the most important. The staff members will organize shooting spot at 360 machine and handle sending files to attendees at sharing station spot. Our IDO360 staff are qualified with ;

"Highly experienced" expert in technical work Take care of work smoothly in every situation.

"Impressive service" takes care of attendees with politeness, pay attention to every detail with smiling, cheerful, good-natured.

"Dress neatly" We always give importance to dressing and hair looking good to honor the attendees at the event.

3. Four studio lights around the booth.
In addition to the quality of camera, equally important for beautiful result is to arrange lights around the booth. Our package includes 4 studio lights to surround the booth to ensure that no matter which way the camera turns, our staff will definitely have bright faces throughout the clip.

4. Unlimited number of clips in slow motion. Unlimited number of attendees.

Attendees can shoot an unlimited number of slow-motion clips during service time. No matter how many people are in the event, we are ready to provide the best and fast service.


5. Software to send files via QR code / Airdrop.
Attendees can receive files immediately via QR code or Airdrop directly from the camera after shooting. However, if you want to separate the file receiving station, there will be additional details in the Add-on service as well.

6. Including installation - dismantling.
The team will install the booth before the event at least 1 hour in advanced and remove everything after ending service for free.

7. Free travel in Bangkok - Nonthaburi area.
There is no Add-on service charge in the Bangkok - Nonthaburi area. If the event is in another province, there may be an Add-on service charge based on distance.


“Add-on services” of 360 ​​VIDEO BOOTH

1. Video frame + music program @1,500.- / day
Elevate the clip to make it look interesting and create brand recognition on social media by adding your own video frame with the brand logo or graphics according to the event theme. You can make a frame up to 3 frames and 3 music.


 2. iPad display & sharing station @1,500.- / day
With separated iPad display and sharing station, when attendees finish recording their video, they can walk out of machine to watch and receive the clip on iPad Pro right away with QR code or airdrop. This allows next attendees to start shooting without waiting. The que will run faster than receiving from shooting spot. 

 3. 360 Galaxy LED tunnel @4,000.- / day
The most awesome tunnels are 3W x 2.7H meters. It can be used both inside and outside the building. Beautiful exterior with metallic silver or gold design will add more elegance and attraction to the event. The inside comes with LED lights that can be selected according to the theme. These tunnels can open and close the door curtain as desired, increasing privacy for attendees. Plus, unwanted atmosphere or people who pass by will not be captured in the 360 ​​degree clip as well.


4. Super cute Cube room @3,000.- / day
Cube room  is super cute, coming with compact size 2.5 x 2.5 x2.5 meters but its features are comparable to the popular 360 Galaxy tunnel. Superior with a chic design in the shape of a silver cube. The inside is white and can change the color of the Ambient light.



5. Fancy props more than 40 pieces @1,500.- / day
We provide more than 40 awesome props to add excitement to your attendees such as glasses, hats, headbands, flowers, guns, masks and more. 



6. Bubble shooting @1,500.- / 5 hrs.
Add a soft feel to the vdo. Don't miss out on trying out the bubble shooter, which can be turned on throughout the event and has no limits. It really helps creating an atmosphere that makes the clip cute and unique.



7. Screen display 32" @2,000.- / day
Show sample clips in front of the booth with a large 32-inch display screen to attract attention of attendees who walk by to join in the fun.



8. 360 Platform screen @1,500.-
You can change normal black stand platform to your own logo or pattern according to the theme. Your booth will be more beautiful and stand out.



9. Add printed image 2,000.- / hour.
If taking 360 degree photos alone is not enough, add printed image in the same booth is good option. You can also add themed frames to your work for free. Staff will take photos before starting the 360 ​​shooting. Attendees can receive both digital and image files, including printed image at the same time. You can choose the number of actions from 1 to 3 in same rate.

With a "Main package" that is worth it and Stylish “add-on services” that come with equipment and a professional team. Don't forget to choose IDO360 to help increase the fun in your event. Guaranteed to be impressed for sure.

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